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Chickadee Chickens Testimonial

Chickadee Chickens

Kyndek Pty Ltd is a specialist food retailer selling a range of fresh and hot chicken products. We have 10 retail stores throughout Newcastle and the Central Coast with over 270 staff. We have been associated with the Glasson Group for some years now as they are our primary suppliers of cleaning chemicals and cleaning hardware.

In 2000 the Glasson Group worked with us to develop a cleaning chemical that suited our business needs to help us improve cleaning effectiveness, ensure workplace safety and reduce chemical waste. After a period of development and in-store trials the final product was released to our stores in 2001. One of the key benefits to this new cleaning program was that it was primarily the same chemical used in all aspects of cleaning but to differing concentrations.

The new cleaning program meant that we could cut down on all other chemicals in-store, it reduced the risk of chemical injuries and it streamlined our in-store cleaning process. In conjunction with the new chemical program Glasson's also helped us review our cleaning hardware needs. This co-ordinated approach meant that we now had a cleaning program that integrated with our business needs.

Once the final cleaning products were decided and the different concentrations produced, the Glasson Group went to each store individually to walk the staff through the new cleaning regime. This was a key part of this new cleaning program as training was integral to the program's success. The fact that all cleaning products were now tailored to us and were Chickadee signature products also made it easier for our staff to recognise and use.

After the products were released to stores the Glasson Group sent out a newsletter to our store staff reminding them of how to use the new products, they contacted and visited stores for feedback and they kept Kyndek management informed of the programs developments - great follow up service!

Since 2001 I am pleased to report a significant decrease in slips, trips and falls and other related injuries, which can be linked to the new cleaning program. The cleaning products produced by Glasson's have worked very well in meeting our high food safety and sanitation standards.

In 2002 the Glasson Group addressed our store management team on how to use chemicals effectively in-store, a timely reminder to keep managers on track. In 2003 representatives of the Glasson Group again went to each of our stores and addressed staff on the correct use of chemicals. This value-added and hands-on approach to working with Kyndek and our staff is extremely helpful to use from an occupational health and safety, food safety and cost perspective.

Should you require any further information please contact the writer on (02) 4348 1403.

Yours Sincerely,
Kyndek Pty Ltd
Lisa Rochow
Human Resources Manager

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