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Your factory or commercial buildings represent an enormous capital investment. They also represent your business image. The state of your buildings speaks volumes about the way you do business. Do your buildings paint a picture of an alert, astute business person who ‘pays attention to every detail of the customers’ business’ or someone who ‘doesn’t really care’?

It’s not just about image. Regular pressure cleaning of your commercial buildings and factory premises will:


It just makes sense to have a regular cleaning programme for your buildings and it makes sense to call in the experts.

The Glason® Group have thirty years experience working on the Central Coast, working with local businesses which is why we are your one-stop solution for all types of commercial cleaning including:

We clean walls, roofs, driveways and forecourts. In fact, any surface can be cleaned by the Glason® team. We get rid of:

Some unsightly marks are impossible to remove with regular water blasting. This is especially true in commercial and factory settings involving grease and oil. The only solution in such cases is high pressure cleaning using commercial grade equipment and Glason's own specially designed commercial grade Cleaning Products.

The Glason team is committed to maintaining Occupational Health & Safety standards and procedures to protect the public and our employees. Glason's Central Coast Commercial Cleaning Services have built a reputation for dependable, trustworthy and safety-conscious service. Our team has served local Central Coast based schools, shopping centres, Councils, Universities and other large organisations where safety, value for money and dependable service are paramount.

Take a look at your buildings. Do they really match your image and your clients’ expectations? Call the Glason Group today for guaranteed satisfaction.

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