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Franklins Ltd Testimonial

Franklins Limited

I have used The Glason Group professionally for the past 3 years as a contractor for the Franklins Maintenance group. Over this period I have been fortunate to have had the use of Glason's in two very different roles and as such I make the following comments objectively and with confidence.

In my previous role as National Refrigeration Engineering Supervisor of Franklins Ltd., I experienced Glason's approach to work as being highly efficient, consistently productive and always customer focused. Glason's capabilities have contributed significantly to the success of the maintenance department and their diligence in always giving their best has long been recognised by all levels of Franklins management.

As of my appointment in Dec 99 to the role of National Maintenance Manager of Franklins, my appreciation of Glason's as a versatile and integral contractor for the Maintenance Group has been further confirmed by their continued professionalism. In a working environment responsible for the maintenance of almost 300 supermarkets across Australia, the competencies, resilience and attitudes of even the best contractors are tested on a daily basis. It is upon Glason's superior performance over this period that I can unconditionally recommend them to any future employer.

Brett Fitzgerald
National Maintenance Manager
Franklins Ltd.

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