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Your floor is beautiful but does it mask a danger?

Falls at home and in the workplace cost Australia more than 3 billion dollars each year. Falls are also one of the most common causes of hip and pelvis fractures among the elderly. Not only is there the cost of time off work and a painful recovery but you, as a business owner, could be held liable for compensation.


Costly slips and falls can happen so easily and without warning anywhere and anytime. Make dangerous, slippery floors a thing of the past.

The Glason® Group have developed an invisible floor treatment system that is designed to maintain the beauty and appearance of your flooring while enhancing the slip resistant qualities you need for safety.

The Glason® floor treatment provides a permanent slip-resistant finish, which remains durable and effective even with heavy-duty wear and tear and harsh cleaning methods.

Some floor treatments can be unsightly or difficult to clean. However, with the Glason® floor treatment your floor will be as beautiful as before and you, your family, employees and clients will be safe as well.

Glason® offers a Central Coast based service that will treat floor surfaces and limit the potential for slips and falls in all commercial, industrial, transport and domestic floor situations. Whether you need anti-slip protection for stairs, ramps, walkways or decks we have you covered. The Glason® floor treatment will ensure that all you flooring meets the most stringent Occupational Health and Safety standards. You can relax in the knowledge that your home and workplace floors are as safe as possible.

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